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January 20, 2016

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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Zentail is not just another multichannel management platform. Nope. Zentail is a better way to retail.

To understand what Zentail is, you must first understand the people behind it. Zentail was created by the team at HD Trade Services, Inc., a technology startup that got really good at connecting distributors and manufacturers with consumers on major marketplaces including Amazon, eBay and As a top 5 retailer on during Jet's beta, the team reached a crossroads; should they continue to operate as a hyper efficient low margin retailer of highly competitive products, or should they open up their robust proprietary platform to other retailers?

The decision was simple. The team understood that the value the platform could create for high margin niche retailers and brands far outweighed the value it could extract from marketplaces. So, in June 2015, the team got to work turning their extremely powerful catalog, inventory and order management systems into a beautiful, easy to use platform.

From the way we handle data, to the way we serve our retailers, listen to their feedback and roll out new innovations, Zentail is different. Our team looks for retailers that have the potential to be remarkable and gives them the tools necessary to be just that. Along the way, retailers that run on Zentail become remarkably efficient and achieve remarkable growth in revenue and earnings. More than that, Zentail makes online retail simple and - dare we say - fun.

So, do you Zentail?

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