Customer Spotlight: the Zentail + Shopify Effect


December 6, 2016

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A few days ago, I had a call with one of our customers that changed the way I think about multichannel management. This customer had always struck me as remarkably resourceful, always looking to understand exactly the ways in which software integrations could be leveraged to amplify business value. Since signing up with Zentail, this retailer has grown from a pure play Amazon seller to a diversified online retailer with a unique value proposition.

Their sales channels now include:

  • Walmart (via Zentail)
  • Jet (via Zentail)
  • eBay (via Zentail)
  • Shopify (via Zentail)
  • Houzz (via Shopify)
  • Pinterest (via Shopify)
  • Facebook (via Shopify)
  • Wanelo (via Shopify)

Our customer realized that by integrating Zentail with Shopify, he could connect his Shopify account to Facebook, Houzz, Wanelo and Pinterest. All orders from these channels flow into Shopify and from Shopify they flow into Zentail. SKUs are created in Zentail and flow - along with their associated inventory - into Shopify.

Now consider the benefits. If you're only selling on Amazon, you're going to have a hard time convincing vendors (manufacturers, brands, manufacturer's reps, distributors) that the value you can add is unique. As more vendors look to reduce the number of resellers selling on marketplaces or even sell direct to consumer on the marketplace, you need to deliver a clear value proposition. Building a presence on multiple channels that compliment the brands you're courting is a sure way to earn access to more exclusive product lines and ultimately grow and defend your multichannel business.

Seeing the strategy take hold and translate to strong Q4 business, and hearing the excitement in our customer's voice delivered a jolt of energy and tremendous sense of respect for this entrepreneur. These are the stories that drive our operations and product teams. These are the stories that everyone can learn from.

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