8 Best Amazon Listing Examples to Learn From


August 17, 2021

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The Glossary of Amazon Listing Errors

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Listing a product on Amazon is both an art and a science. You have to play by the rules of the algorithm while also appealing to your customers’ values and expectations. 

Difficult as it might seem, optimizing your Amazon listings is good practice. Listing quality, after all, can have both a positive or negative flywheel effect on the entire customer experience. 

In practice, a high-quality listing sets the right expectations, points out all the unique features of your product and increases your overall visibility on Amazon. On the contrary, a low-quality listing leaves your customers guessing or jumping to conclusions—ultimately setting your company up for failure. 

Let’s take a look at eight high-ranking listings on Amazon right now. Pay attention to what makes these listings stand out and what helps to build confidence in a brand. 

Candle Warmers’ 2-in-1 Fragrance Warmer 

screenshot of candle warmers' amazon listing

Candle Warmers is already a household name, with products sold in Walmarts and Home Depots across the country. Despite this, the company isn’t exempt from the hyper competitive nature of Amazon. In fact, when you type “candle warmers” into the search bar, over 10,000 results show up. 

To keep its product at the top of search results, Candle Warmers utilizes some notable strategies.

  • A strong, well-structured product title. Candle Warmers follows Amazon’s recommended title formula for items in the home category: Brand + Model Name + Product Type, Color. The title also clocks in at 134 characters (recommended is 80 to 120 characters) and even fits in a primary benefit of the product (“to freshen room”).

  • Prime status. It’s no secret anymore that Prime status is a huge ranking factor on Amazon. James Thomson, a former Amazon FBA account manager, even attested to how Prime status resulted in a staggering 70% to 75% increase in conversion rates for many accounts. “If you're looking to actually turn Amazon into a meaningful sales channel, you need to be Prime eligible,” he said, claiming this to be true regardless of whether or not you can ship products on your own.

  • 13,000+ ratings. Candle Warmers’ popularity has landed it the “Best Seller” tag, which is only ever awarded to one product for any given search. Pro tip: by combining all of your variants into one, master variation listing, you can keep your product reviews together, i.e., if one variant earns a five-star review, all other ships (aka, variants) rise. 

  • Advanced attributes. Candle Warmers goes beyond the basic attributes required to list an ASIN in its category. It provides the Finish Type, Specific Uses For Product and Antibacterial Treatment—all of which provide a more complete picture of the product.

  • Strong bullet points. It’s evident that the company put thought into its bullet points, which point out how the product is made out of “100% paraffin wax that holds more fragrance and lasts longer compared to scented gels, oils, or sprays.” Candle Warmers also mentions how the product comes with a 36” long cord, so buyers don’t have to worry about purchasing additional accessories.

  • Active “Customer questions & answers” section. This Q&A section serves as a great resource for people who are researching your product and want answers to specific questions before feeling confident enough to hit “buy.” Notice how Candle Warmers itself takes the effort to address these questions.

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OPUX Insulated Lunch Box

screenshot of opux amazon listing

Finding the perfect lunch box can be a chore these days. There are tons of different models to choose from, and one bad lunch box experience can make you very picky about your next lunch box choice. 

This particular OPUX listing aims to allay your doubts, using very descriptive copy and images to address common pain points. More specifically, this listing features:

  • Descriptive product title. The title kills two birds with one stone: it highlights important features (“insulated” and “leakproof”) and includes keywords and phrases (“Lunch Box for Kids, Boys, Girls” and “Lunch Bag for Men Women”). Note how it uses synonyms of “lunch box” and targets words that people would naturally search in combination with “lunch box.”

  • Images for every color variant. It’s best practice to include custom images per every variant of your product, i.e., when someone clicks a different color option on your listing, your main images and alternate images should adjust to show your product in the desired color. This helps to ensure that your customer isn’t surprised by the appearance of the product when it arrives at their door.

  • Informative alternate images. The AV images in this listing include measurements, closeups and even a video to help customers get an accurate depiction of the product. By viewing the AV images, buyers can imagine themselves packing an OPUX lunch box and carrying it to work (or school).

  • Great use of formatting in bullet points. Writing in ALL CAPS can be obnoxious at times, but it’s used cleverly within this listing. The use of caps helps shoppers to easily scan the content and understand the unique selling points of the product.

  • A+ content. It’s impressive how the A+ content on this product page changes with each color variant. The A+ section serves to reinforce the value of the lunch box, without mirroring the graphics and copy already provided above the fold. 

Artisan Power Pet Clipper Replacement Battery 

screenshot of artisan power amazon listing

Artisan Power products aren’t things that you’d normally think about buying until you need them. In this instance, you might be pampering your dog when your clippers suddenly fail you and run out of juice. You may then search for “pet clipper replacement battery” and land on this listing.

Within this listing, Artisan Power empathizes with its buyers’ struggles and strategically formats its listing.

  • Clear title with model number. When it comes to electronics and replacement parts, it’s critical to include the model number in your title, since this is something that buyers are likely to type directly in the search bar.

  • Deliberate bullet points. While the bullet points on this listing are relatively short in terms of character count, they provide all the essential information for buyers to feel good about their purchase. The bullet points clearly define what other battery types this product replaces and highlights how it’s longer lasting.

  • Includes an “Our Story” section. This may not be necessary for every brand on Amazon, but because Artisan Power may be a lesser-known manufacturer, the company takes the time to describe how Artisan Power came to be and what makes it so special.

  • A+ content (that includes proof points). Rather than simply claiming that its replacement battery is reliable, Artisan Power shows how it’s the best. “We only use tier 1 performance grade power cells” and, “our battery capacity is 27% higher than the original battery, which translates to well over 80 minutes of battery run time!”

Medix Retinol Cream

screenshot of medix amazon listing

Retinoid, for those who aren’t familiar, is the most used and most studied anti-aging compound. Retinol creams are very potent and can cause irritation if overused, which is why Medix goes the extra mile in educating customers while also marketing its product.

Here are several things that it does well within the listing:  

  • Descriptive title. The title itself checks multiple boxes by mentioning its top benefits (“Targets Crepey Wrinkles and Sun Damaged Skin”), main ingredients (“Anti-Aging Cream Infused With Black Tea, Aloe Vera, And Chamomile”) and size (15oz).

  • Advanced attributes. Medix provides the skin type and special ingredients, two attributes that buyers can filter search results by when looking for face moisturizers on Amazon. This ensures that when someone filters for products that contain “shea butter,” this listing will pop up. 

  • Strong bullet points. We love how Medix is very detailed in its copy, explaining what makes retinol cream so effective, and highlighting qualities that its target customer cares about (“natural ingredients,” “vegan” and “cruelty-free”). To avoid any surprises or misuse of the product, Medix even offers instructions for customers who’ve never used retinol cream before.

  • A+ content. In this section, Medix mentions how its cream is well-tested and approved by dermatologists. 

Felina Velvety Soft Leggings (2 Pack)

screenshot of amazon listing

You may have spotted a pack of Felina leggings at Costco, or read our spotlight on the brand’s journey to becoming a Top 15 seller of leggings on Amazon. In any case, it’s easy to see how Felina is making a splash. 

Like its leggings, Felina’s product listing is high-quality and stands out because of:

  • Size charts. Size charts are provided in multiple places throughout the listing. You can find one at the top of the listing (next to the size dropdown) or within the A+ content. Needless to say, size charts are a practical way to reduce returns on Amazon stemming from “item is too big/small/long/short.”

  • Compelling AV images. These images showcase the various features of Felina leggings, like the high-rise elastic waist and stretch fabric. They additionally include a quote from Refinery29 that serves as social proof, alongside a video showing a model moving around comfortably in the leggings.
  • Strong bullet points. The copy here is concise and compelling. It drives home important features and benefits, such as the fact that the leggings are easy to wash, moisture wicking and “squat proof.” The bullet points also point out how these leggings can be worn in a variety of settings, ranging from the gym to the office.

  • Clear swatch images. Felina currently offers this 2-pack of leggings in eight different combos. If you were to simply click on a color option like “Big City” or “Cool Beach,”you’d have a very hard time understanding what colors to expect. Fortunately, Felina offers clear, professionally shot photos of each variant to clear up any confusion.

  • A+ content. You’re probably noticing a pattern here: a vast majority of high-ranking listings on Amazon include rich media to better engage and inform customers. 

HYC00 Travel Duffel Bag

screenshot of hyc00 amazon listing

Like lunch boxes, picking the right travel bag isn’t as straight-forward as it may seem. There are plenty of different shapes, materials and sizes to choose from—and as the seller, the odds are against you when a customer can’t physically see, feel or hold the bags before purchasing.

This listing by HYC00 does a fantastic job in helping out the buyer by using:

  • Diverse alternate images. The AV images show the exact dimensions of the bag and how it looks when held on your shoulder. The AV images include clearly labeled photos showing the various compartments of the bag, alongside images showing the different ways you can carry the bag (via the handle, over-the-shoulder strap or luggage handle). 

  • Well-formatted bullet points. HYC00 highlights the most important snippets of each bullet point using square brackets. The content that follows is detailed and deliberate, highlighting how the bag is good for travel and multi-functional. The bullet points help you to visualize yourself using the bag in a variety of settings.

  • Long product description. This listing probably comes the closest to meeting Amazon’s recommended word count of 250 or more. It is written in paragraph form and reinforces the benefits of using the bag, without copying and pasting text from other areas of the listing. 

Three Sixty Six Cargo Golf Shorts for Men

screenshot of three sixty amazon listing

Apparel is one of the hardest items to select online, yet, online apparel sales accounted for 49% of all apparel sales in the U.S. in 2020.  

It goes without saying that any apparel listing must be carefully crafted. The below features are what make this apparel listing high-quality:

  • Descriptive copy throughout. Whether you look at the title, bullet points or A+ content, you’ll notice that all the copy is tailored to golfers. While it could be tempting for the brand to appeal to a broader audience, it knows that a highly focused listing could generate better results on Amazon. For this reason, the copy hones in on how the pant pockets are big enough to carry golf balls and tees, and how the fabric is four-way stretch (among other relevant features).

  • Size chart. Similar to an earlier example, the size chart (which is featured by the size dropdown and within the AV images) helps buyers know exactly which size to purchase. It includes the waist, hip and inseam measurement for every standard size.

Stelle Ballet Shoes for Kids

screenshot of stelle amazon listing

Shopping for your kid is an exceptionally difficult task. You need something that not only looks good, but also protects your kid from any related injuries or discomfort.

This listing by Stelle is exceptionally impressive because of its: 

  • Compliance to Amazon’s shoe size requirements. Not too long ago, Amazon surprised sellers by announcing a sudden change to how shoe sizes would be displayed on the marketplace. Sellers had to manually reformat their sizes (unless they had an automated solution like Zentail). The result: a very clear, easy-to-understand size dropdown as seen in this listing (“10 Toddler”).

  • Cute bullet points. It sounds weird to call bullet points “cute,” but the star emojis preceding each bullet point warrants this description. Aside from just looking cute, the emojis align with Stelle’s branding, which appeals to mothers with young daughters.

  • A+ content. One of the most notable details about this section is how the content speaks directly to the concerns and questions that parents would have. Stelle even appeals to moms saying, “The brand was founded by a mom of three lovely girls. At the root of the company is a mom who loves dancing…” Given how 95% of purchasing decisions are subconscious and driven by emotion, this strategy is bound to be effective.

Key Takeaways

  • Don’t ignore the power of A+ content 
  • Use formatting to your advantage in bullet points and product descriptions 
  • Keep copy personal and empathetic 
  • Don’t forget the power of images (show, don’t simply tell)
  • A/B test your titles 
  • Build up your credibility through reviews, stats and important callouts (“tested by”)

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