Streamlined Purchasing for Smarter Spending

Bring all of your data and purchasing tools together into one organized workspace

Automate the Purchasing Process

A slow purchasing process can cripple business, robbing you of precious time and sales. Zentail cuts the purchase order cycle in half by removing the manual work and storing your purchase orders in one place.

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Purchase on the spot

Create purchase orders in minutes; Zentail will auto-fill product details to help you move fast and capitalize on key moments. 

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Auto-generate inbound shipments

Once a purchase order is accepted, Zentail will auto-update your inventory and notify your warehouses when stock is on its way. 

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Check order statuses

Easily view the status of your purchase orders—whether they’ve been drafted, accepted or canceled—and make edits as necessary. 

Improve Your Inventory Turnover Rate

Never stock out on popular products or overstock on slow-moving items. Zentail ensures that you don’t leave your inventory to chance by identifying what, when and how much to order. Get reordering suggestions informed by real-time data and eliminate stale inventory.

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Know your inventory inside out

Enjoy full visibility over inventory including available, onhand or future stock across all of your warehouses and sales channels.  

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Reorder with precision

Receive recommendations on which products to reorder from each vendor based on factors like sales velocity and lead times.

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Monitor opportunity cost 

Not sure whether to retire or reorder a product? Zentail will calculate how much profit is on the line if you stock out of an item.

Know What Inventory Is On Its Way 

Avoid losing track of inventory movement and accidentally double ordering products. Zentail provides one place to handle inbound shipments, so your inventory is always accurate and your money is never wasted.

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Create, edit and track shipments

Manage shipments from a vendor to your warehouse, or from your warehouse to FBA. Zentail will auto-deduct inventory for shipments.

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Manage FBA labeling

Create item labels that include required information (FN SKU, bar code, title, condition) or set up instructions for Amazon’s label service.

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Send restock dates

Tell Amazon when an inbound shipment is on the way, and keep your listings active so that you don’t lose out on sales.

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