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Channel Diversification

More Channels, Less Work

Your buyers require an average of six touchpoints before making a purchase. Make sure your brand doesn't get lost in the crowd by meeting your customers where they shop. Rest assured that Zentail is with you every step of the way, saving you the usual headache of managing multiple channels and helping you boost sales on both your website and third-party marketplaces. 

Launch to Amazon, Walmart and More in Minutes 

Get up and running on today’s top ecommerce channels without duplicating your work. Zentail’s AI-powered PIM tools sync and format your Shopify listings according to each marketplace’s requirements, letting you list in a few clicks. 

Customize Your Listings by Channel

Edit the copy, images and price of any listing without affecting how it looks on another channel. You can also group products differently as needed. For example, while variation listings may work well on marketplaces, split listings may look better on your Shopify site because they show off the wide variety of your products. Make these edits with complete ease and control. 

Sync and Manage Your Inventory

Avoid overselling on any channel with tools that automatically adjust listed quantities as soon as an order comes in. See exactly how many units of your products are selling where, and get real-time feedback about what’s selling well, what’s turning a profit and what you should consider reordering. 

Manage Multiple Fulfillment Methods

Gain total visibility over all of your fulfillment partners, from FBA to your 3PL. Set warehouse priority and custom routing rules directly in Zentail—or integrate our platform with an existing WMS for centralized control. 

Panama Jack

Zentail has dramatically expanded our ecommerce sales channels beyond our expectations. The operations management suite and multichannel analytics have made us more efficient, allowing us to spend time focusing on selling even more products.
Sergei Hagley, Ecommerce & Digital Content Manager

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