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Why Sell on Facebook Marketplace?

Today, one in every three people on Facebook in the U.S. use Facebook Marketplace. It has evolved far beyond its original peer-to-peer platform to include a space for businesses to engage more intimately with their buyers. For professional sellers on Facebook, it’s not a matter of why—but why not?  

Zero Listing Fees 

List as many products to the marketplace for free. Facebook just charges a standard commission fee of 5%, or 40 cents for transactions under $8, making the math pretty simple. 

Free-Flowing Communication

Unlike most third-party marketplaces, you can take control of your customer communications and engage them in a number of ways. Send a personal note in Messenger, invite them to a Facebook group, post to your Facebook Page and/or re-engage them with an ad. 

Featured Deals and Collections

If you’re running a promotion too good to ignore, Facebook may promote it on the Marketplace main page as a featured deal—a title saved for the best of the best. You can also curate your products as seasonal or category-based collections on your Facebook Shop, making it easy for buyers to find what they need.    

Sync with Instagram Shopping

Link your Facebook catalog to Instagram, and make your products shoppable from both platforms. Turn any Instagram post into a shopping opportunity, where buyers can simply tap to purchase. Then from Zentail, handle Instagram orders and inventory as you would for Facebook.

Eligibility Requirements

To sell on Facebook Marketplace, you must apply and receive approval. Approval is largely based on the types of products you sell and your ability to meet certain performance criteria.

Top-Rated Daily Deals Site

With a click of a button, we can get our products listed on any or all channels we want. Zentail has allowed us to push thousands of products into Facebook very easily, so it has definitely been a huge time-saver.
Full Stack Software Engineer

Highlights of Zentail’s Facebook Integration

Like Zentail’s integration with other marketplaces, launching to Facebook is just a matter of a few clicks. From listing to inventory tracking, our platform has your back.

Get Started Today

How to Get Started on Facebook Marketplace


Link Your Facebook Page to Zentail

Zentail will create a Facebook Shop on your behalf and help you import an existing catalog to Facebook.

Set up Business Information

Set your shipping options, return policies, Facebook payment information and more directly within Zentail.

Apply for Marketplace Approval

Now that you’ve integrated into Facebook, all you have to do is wait for official approval!