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Growth in eBay Sales with Zentail


Hours Saved Per Month

Nearly $2 Billion

GMV Processed via Zentail

Over 5.5 Million

SKUs Managed via Zentail

Top-Rated Tools for Top-Rated eBay Sellers

Maintaining top-rated status on eBay requires having a well-oiled businessā€”one in which your people, applications and properties run in perfect unison. Zentail makes this possible at a larger scale, helping to safeguard your reputation and do more in less time.

Simplify ListingĀ Ā 

Take your listings from Amazon, Shopify or elsewhere and list them for sale on eBay. Apply custom eBay templates, add (or split) variations and end eBay listings in bulkā€”all from one place.Ā Ā Ā Ā 

Manage Your Business Policies

Set payment, shipping and return terms on a per-SKU basis, or auto-assign a default template to any new listings. You can create policy overrides in bulk too without creating new policies.Ā 

Route Orders to the Right Places

Whether youā€™re fulfilling from your own warehouse, a 3PL or both, Zentail gives you full control over how orders get routed. Define warehouse priority or custom rules according to factors like ship-to location.Ā 

Avoid Overselling

Sync inventory from eBay with your other sales channels. Zentail saves you the trouble of updating quantities by hand, and automatically updates inventory across every channel when a sale is made.

10/10 Reviewer

With Zentail, we are able to be ā€˜power sellers,ā€™ in that our inventory is managed in one software, and we can manage multiple channels listings, data, sales, etc. from one platform.
Ben G. on Capterra

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