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Channel Diversification


Increase in New Revenue


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 Smart Automation for Big Results

Your buyers aren’t sitting still, and it’s up to you to keep your brand top-of-mind. Zentail can help to launch or advance your multichannel strategy with peace of mind, and engage buyers everywhere they choose to shop. 

Amazon, Walmart—Take Your Pick 

Make your BigCommerce catalog available on today’s top marketplaces. Don’t worry about duplicative work or listing errors. Zentail will categorize and format your product data according to each marketplace’s requirements. 

List Your Products Any Way You Want

Create variations, adjust pricing or offer products together as kits. Whatever you choose to do, Zentail can help you implement changes at the SKU, brand and/or channel levels. Leverage additional bulk-editing tools and business rules to work faster than ever.

Sync and Manage Your Inventory

Avoid overselling on any channel with tools that automatically adjust listed quantities as soon as an order comes in. See exactly how many units of your products are selling where, and get real-time feedback about what’s selling well, what’s turning a profit and what you should consider reordering. 

Avoid Order Defects

Route orders to the right warehouses by setting routing rules based on factors like product weight, service level or ship-to location. You can also integrate Zentail with an existing WMS for deeper, centralized control over all of your warehouse.  

Cacee Beauty

With Zentail, our revenue grew 50% overnight by having properly listed products on the various channels and an inventory system that made it easy to scale our operations.
Allen Doan, Director

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