SkuVault is a leading cloud-based Warehouse Management System which specializes in ecommerce fulfillment and integrates seamlessly with Zentail.

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The SkuVault Advantage

SkuVault provides a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system designed for businesses looking to scale their omnichannel distribution. It integrates with Zentail to provide end-to-end control over your multichannel operations, starting with optimized listings and ending with streamlined product fulfillment and seamless customer experiences.

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Increase overall inventory visibility and accuracy with SkuVault’s inventory tracking features—like barcode scanning and electronics serialization tracking—across warehouse locations. Allocate inventory between locations with ease and reduce your risk of incorrect or lost inventory counts.

Demand Planning and Forecasting

Make more accurate purchasing decisions with SkuVault’s suite of reports. With historic sales history at your fingertips, demand planning and forecasting is easier than ever. Now, you can be proactive rather than reactive.

Scale Your Business Faster

Through automated features, SkuVault removes the complexity of running a warehouse, so you can focus on growing your business rather than managing it. Connect your warehouses to the world while increasing your speed, accuracy and profit.


Shively Sporting Goods

What I got personally from Zentail and SkuVault nobody else could help me with.There’s no way that any other company could have done what either of these companies have done for me because it was always a partnership. I was never just a number.

Adam Flanders, Online Sales Executive and Ecommerce Lead


You Know You Need Zentail When...

You’re a Reseller Who... 

  • Has way too much money tied up in inventory
  • Hasn’t figured out how to win the buy box
  • Is always late to the trend because forecasting happens once a month
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You’re a Brand Owner Who...

  • Spends too much time plugging in data  
  • Sleeps with one eye open in case there’s  issues with orders, listings—you name it
  • Thinks bigger than Amazon, and knows the risks of over-relying on it
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Is SkuVault Right for You?

SkuVault serves a wide variety of sellers and industries, but tends to work best for those who fall within these categories:

  • Marketplace, brand or omnichannel sellers in the B2C or B2C space (or both)
  • Retailers with revenue between $1 million to $100 million a year
  • Retailers and brands in apparel, electronics, multi-product, health & beauty and more
  • Note: SkuVault can handle both raw products and finished goods


There are plans for online businesses at every stage of growth, starting at $199/month. View more on SkuVault’s pricing page.

Is Newegg Marketplace for You?

U.S. Business Entity

You must have a legal business entity registered in the U.S. or overseas (no sole proprietorship).

Experienced Seller

You must demonstrate success on another channel with trending GMV and high seller ratings.

Product Requirements

UPS Digital Connections Program

Accelerate your digital growth with top-notch technology. Avoid hours of scrupulous research and earn monetary support so that you can afford the best solutions early on. No more temporary, half-baked solutions. Only work with the most trusted partners.

Access to Reputable Vendors

UPS Digital Connections is a program that helps SMBs grow by connecting them with industry-leading technology partners with discounted pricing on digital solutions. From packaging solutions to listing software like Zentail, gain access to products that are normally integrated by larger retailers.

No Lengthy Approval Process

UPS subsidies ensure that you don't have to go through a lengthy budget approval process. You can also enjoy some flexibility when upgrading solutions, plus eliminate the need to build an in-house solution that's hard to maintain.
Eligibility for this program includes a minimum shipping spend commitment and requires a UPS account number (i.e., you must already be a UPS customer or sign on as a new customer with them). Learn more about the program on or contact us at for more information.

Highlights of Zentail’s SkuVault Integration

Handle all of your multichannel operations in one place by combining two of your favorite tools together.

  • Manage your multichannel listings and inventory from one place, and reduce overselling via automation that updates listed quantities the minute a sale comes in
  • List products as kits and bundles through Zentail, then let SkuVault automate and optimize the picking process
  • Automatically route orders to warehouses managed in SkuVault, no matter which channel they come in from
  • Sync any SKUs created in SkuVault with your Zentail catalog (and vice versa) for easy access and consistency in your data