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The SkuVault Advantage

SkuVault provides a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system designed for businesses looking to scale their omnichannel distribution. It integrates with Zentail to provide end-to-end control over your multichannel operations, starting with optimized listings and ending with streamlined product fulfillment and seamless customer experiences.

Advanced Inventory Tracking

Increase overall inventory visibility and accuracy with SkuVault’s inventory tracking features—like barcode scanning and electronics serialization tracking—across warehouse locations. Allocate inventory between locations with ease and reduce your risk of incorrect or lost inventory counts. 

Demand Planning and Forecasting

Make more accurate purchasing decisions with SkuVault’s suite of reports. With historic sales history at your fingertips, demand planning and forecasting is easier than ever. Now, you can be proactive rather than reactive.

Scale Your Business Faster

Through automated features, SkuVault removes the complexity of running a warehouse, so you can focus on growing your business rather than managing it. Connect your warehouses to the world while increasing your speed, accuracy and profit. 

Shively Sporting Goods

What I got personally from Zentail and SkuVault nobody else could help me with.There’s no way that any other company could have done what either of these companies have done for me because it was always a partnership. I was never just a number.
Adam Flanders, Online Sales Executive and Ecommerce Lead

Is SkuVault Right for You?

SkuVault serves a wide variety of sellers and industries, but tends to work best for those who fall within these categories: 


There are plans for online businesses at every stage of growth, starting at $199/month. View more on SkuVault’s pricing page

Highlights of Zentail’s SkuVault Integration

Handle all of your multichannel operations in one place by combining two of your favorite tools together. 

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