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Sales Growth on Walmart with Fast Tags


Sales Growth on eBay with Fast Tags


Increase in Shopify Conversions


Reduction in Facebook Ads CPA

The Deliverr Advantage

Access fast-shipping badges wherever you sell and improve your search rankings, buy box win rates and reputation among buyers. Enjoy FBA-like fulfillment services for multiple channels, while providing greater control and visibility over your inventory.  

Fast Shipping Badge for Every Channel

Deliverr enables you to participate in programs like Walmart 2-day delivery, eBay Fast ‘N Free and Wish Express, which boost your visibility. With the addition of fast-shipping tags, sellers have seen 300-900% sales growth—sometime within days.

Transparent, All-Inclusive

When you work with Deliverr, you don’t have to worry about long-term contracts of hidden fees. Know what you’re paying for upfront, with clear pricing for shipping, handling, picking-packing and storage.


Create a Deliverr account in less than two minutes, and get fast tags set up within a week. Just like Amazon FBA, Deliverr offers discounted shipping rates for any inbound shipments and will make your inventory available as soon as your shipment arrives. 

DRIVE Auto Products

Of all the multi-channel fulfillment options I’ve evaluated or tested, Deliverr leads by a wide margin in the areas that matter — Fastest, Cheapest, Simplest.
Ross Baker, Founder

Is Deliverr Right For You?

Deliverr serves brands or retailers of all sizes that want to offer fast fulfillment to their entire U.S. buyer base. 


Deliverr splits pricing into two main fees: fulfillment (which includes shipping, pick-pack, handling and box costs) and storage.
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Highlights of Zentail’s Deliverr Integration

Handle all of your multichannel operations in one place by combining your two favorite tools together. 

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