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The Algopix Advantage

Algopix is a comprehensive product research platform that provides Amazon, eBay and Walmart Marketplace sellers the data needed to make the most informed business decisions possible. By providing actionable product insights automatically, Algopix helps online sellers save time, increase sales and reduce risks.


BigCommerce Design and Development

IntuitSolutions provides fully customized websites built on BigCommerce. If you're currently using another platform and are open to switching, the team will help you to migrate everything. Once your site is deployed, the team will also help to ensure that everything is working as it should.

Digital Marketing, SEO and PPC

A beautiful site alone won't bring in business. IntuitSolutions offers the expertise to help you develop data-driven SEO strategies and PPC ads that drive more traffic to your site. They can also assist with email marketing or social media optimization, helping to engage both new and existing customers.

Add-ons and Apps

Upgrade your BigCommerce store with apps, add-ons and integrations designed to improve functionality and user experience. From "frequently bought together" modules to checkout apps, IntuitSolutions has a variety of options to choose from.


Five-Star Reviewer

It’s really amazing to see that 3 min. product research with Algopix will have a substantial impact on your profit margin!! Before making Algopix my daily go-to research tool, I was checking for hints and information online when to sell, what product, in which market. Basically, it was relying on my instincts and to be fair that proved not being very efficient...After subscribing to Algopix, it seemed almost impossible to carry out in-depth product research manually!

Karolin on Web Retailer


You Know You Need Zentail When...

You’re a Reseller Who... 

  • Has way too much money tied up in inventory
  • Hasn’t figured out how to win the buy box
  • Is always late to the trend because forecasting happens once a month
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You’re a Brand Owner Who...

  • Spends too much time plugging in data  
  • Sleeps with one eye open in case there’s  issues with orders, listings—you name it
  • Thinks bigger than Amazon, and knows the risks of over-relying on it
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Is Newegg Marketplace for You?

U.S. Business Entity

You must have a legal business entity registered in the U.S. or overseas (no sole proprietorship).

Experienced Seller

You must demonstrate success on another channel with trending GMV and high seller ratings.

Product Requirements

UPS Digital Connections Program

Accelerate your digital growth with top-notch technology. Avoid hours of scrupulous research and earn monetary support so that you can afford the best solutions early on. No more temporary, half-baked solutions. Only work with the most trusted partners.

Access to Reputable Vendors

UPS Digital Connections is a program that helps SMBs grow by connecting them with industry-leading technology partners with discounted pricing on digital solutions. From packaging solutions to listing software like Zentail, gain access to products that are normally integrated by larger retailers.

No Lengthy Approval Process

UPS subsidies ensure that you don't have to go through a lengthy budget approval process. You can also enjoy some flexibility when upgrading solutions, plus eliminate the need to build an in-house solution that's hard to maintain.
Eligibility for this program includes a minimum shipping spend commitment and requires a UPS account number (i.e., you must already be a UPS customer or sign on as a new customer with them). Learn more about the program on or contact us at for more information.

Zentail and Algopix, Better Together

Zentail helps to further accelerate your growth with tools that simplify your daily operations:

  • Manage your Amazon, Walmart and other listings in one place, and auto-format product data to each channel
  • Sync your inventory and auto-update listed quantities when a sale comes in to avoid overselling
  • Automatically route orders to the right warehouses via custom rules to minimize shipping costs
  • Forecast demand in real time and automate purchasing