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Win Amazon’s Buy Box at the Highest Price

Winning the buy box doesn't guarantee a profit. In fact, you could be slashing your prices more than you have to. Zentail’s algorithmic repricer is the fastest solution on the market and instinctively tests prices to keep you winning at the best price.

Restock at the Speed of Ecommerce

Sellers lose up to 30% of their profits to dead inventory each year. As orders fly in around the clock, inventory is often the first thing to get out of hand. Master the challenges of inventory management with a system for auto-tracking, forecasting and syncing stock across your FBA and FBM ASINs.

ASIN Management
at Its Finest

Between typing in data and deciphering errors, listing to Amazon can be a tedious process. Enjoy easy, bulk listing with Zentail. Instantly map your products to the right ASINs, fix listing errors and create new ASINs from product kits with smart automation.

Keep Your Product Data Secure

As a reseller, product data remains vital to many backend functions. Be it for catalog management, reporting or supply chain management, you can’t afford to have holes in your data. Zentail’s PIM solution is built with resellers in mind—centralize your vendor, cost and product data in one space for easy access and enrichment.

Never Lose Sight of Your Profits

Without a central database, it's easy to lose track of profitability and funnel money into the wrong products. Zentail serves as a financial command center to track key metrics across Amazon and your organization. Gain the advantage of real-time insights and outsmart competitors that still work from monthly reports.

With Zentail, our revenue grew 50% overnight—by having properly listed products on the various channels and an inventory system that made it easy to scale our operations.
Allen Doan, Director

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