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Brands switching to Zentail grow their sales by 3x. Unleash your brand’s full potential with the top-rated multichannel platform.

Turn your Amazon business into a defensible brand with Zentail.

50% Revenue Growth Overnight
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50% Revenue Growth Overnight

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What Our Customers Are Saying

Creating listings and posting to all the web sites could not be easier. Managing selling prices by using the dynamic re-pricer is great. Zentail worked closely with me to customize an order export file that works perfect within my business model. Customer service is always friendly, eager to help and thorough. Bulk updating prices is a breeze with the import/export feature. Managing real time inventory is as easy as pie using the import feature. Smart Re Order is a great feature to help forecasting proper inventory levels. The success dashboard is a great tool to help manage products on all the websites. The Analytics tool is great to see what products are hot and what are not, what is making money and what is not.

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Customer 5 Star Review

Ken M.
Vice President

What Our Customers Are Saying

We joke that we have a tiger by the tail, because we're trying to project things, and it just keeps growing and growing as we optimize…Zentail is truly a partner that wants us to be successful together instead of just taking our money and saying, ‘See ya when your contract needs to be renewed!'

Zentail Customer Testimonial

CoCo Peterson
Ecommerce Manager, Candle Warmers

With Zentail, we are able to be "power sellers", in that our inventory is managed in one software, and we can manage multiple channels listings, data, sales, etc. from one platform. I love how easy it is to load a product (with the right data), flip switches and it's listed on all the channels you have hooked up! Easy to use interface, easy to see back end records (who changed what, and when) and diagnosing issues of products/listings. The API is nice to pull and do some custom programmed automated analysis.

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Ben G.
Director of Ecommerce

What Our Customers Are Saying

Before Zentail, making changes to the catalog was a pain. They may not have gotten done. Now we just download our SKUs from Zentail and upload the changes on a spreadsheet, and it’s all done very fast.

Zentail Customer Testimonial

Robert Bogenholm
President, Pet Wish Pros

What Our Customers Are Saying

Zentail’s our hub and it’s always open on my computer. We definitely wouldn’t be where we are on Amazon without Zentail.

Zentail Customer Testimonial

Neil Popkin
Head of Ecommerce, Felina

My clients doubled their eCommerce sales in 30 days after installing the Zentail software. Zentail allows my clients, with the click of a few buttons, to post their products across many different eCommerce channels. What previously would take hours now has been shortened down to minutes. The best part is when a client recently installed the Zentail software, they saw their online sales double in 30 days. I am very impressed not only with the ease of use but the ease of getting up and running. The staff is awesome to work with. With a couple of conference webinars, we were fully installed across multiple sales channels. I did my research and found several options in the multi-channel market but kept coming back to Zentail. I am glad I did because it could not have worked out better.

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Customer 5 Star Review

Rob G.
Head of Ecommerce

You get to work with a fantastic team that is there to help you every step of the way. I can see how sales are going, what parts we are selling the most of, and most importantly - I have access to all orders that are placed. It allows me to search orders using username, part numbers, customer name, email address, etc Can update listings for all sites directly on Zentail

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Customer 5 Star Review

Steven W.
Customer Service

What Our Customers Are Saying

Last year, we were overselling once or twice a week. We didn’t experience that this year at all. Zentail can adjust inventory so much quicker than any other system I’ve ever used.

Martin Mitchell
Online Sales Manager, DNW

You’ll Love Multichannel Made Simple

Brands that use Zentail as their multichannel platform have 97% retention because Zentail makes selling multichannel as easy as selling on one channel. Multiply your productivity and set your sights on greater growth.

Zentail is trusted by top 100 Amazon sellers, agencies, and today's fastest-growing brands.

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3x Your Sales With Zentail

Everything you need to make your listings more discoverable, convert better and grow your bottom line FAST. Increase order volume and average order value with ease. Activate your listing quality flywheel and drive more sales with more 5-star reviews.


Zentail is the only platform that achieves marketplace launch and optimization with one-click. Brands that use Zentail have the lowest order defect rates, the lowest abandonment, and unlock their highest sales potential when using Zentail.

3x Your sales with Zentail
Speed up ecommerce operation

Speed Up By Simplifying Your Operations

Successful brands manage their operations centrally. Ecommerce is moving too fast to bounce from channel to channel learning each nuance and making redundant and error prone updates. Mange products, listings, inventory, orders and more from the simplest, most intuitive user experience.


Brands trust Zentail to manage billions in sales across millions of SKUs.

Sell Beyond Amazon With SMART Types

Zentail is the only platform with SMART Types. A revolutionary technology that makes listing a single SKU or an entire product catalog possible in one-click (yes, really). As marketplaces add new requirements, SMART Types automatically updates how your data is sent to the marketplace so you don’t have to constantly maintain your listings.


Get the highest quality listings pushed out to your key marketplaces in less time. Earn the Pro Seller and Listing Quality badges to increase your sales and build customer trust.
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Sell with smart types

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Zentail supports brands, agencies, and acquirers from startup to enterprise. Give your business the tools you need to be successful. View our plans now to find the perfect match for you.

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