Make Selling on New Channels Easier

With Frooition's help, you've already built a great eBay business! Now, it's time to take your sales to the next level with this unique partnership. Zentail and Frooition together gives you the power to quickly expand to new marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and Target and continue to grow your business.
Adding new channels will help you find new customers, increase your reach, and boost your sales. Interested in learning more? Reach out today to see how Zentail can help you continue to expand.

Learn More About How to Boost Your Sales on New Channels

To Be Successful on New Channels, You Need
High Quality Data in One Central Multichannel Platform That Makes It Easy to Expand...

Frooition + Zentail = Your Answer

Get Your Products Listed Faster

And we mean ALL your products - your whole catalog!
With Zentail's translation capabilities your product catalog is  translated from your webstore or Amazon to Walmart or the Target Plus Marketplace

Improve Your Quality Scores Quickly

Zentail translations ensure product listings are compliant with the unique requirements of each marketplace which means products get listed and are active faster with great listing quality scores out of the gate

Reach New Customers & Grow Sales

Frooition has helped you create a strong eBay business. Now they've partnered with Zentail to help you expand that business to new channels where you'll reach new customers and generate more revenue.

Zentail and Frooition Support the Market Access Your Need to Grow Quickly

Zentail is a Preferred Partner of Amazon, Walmart, and Target

Let Zentail and Frooition Use
Our Marketplace Expertise to Maximize Your Potential

15,000 Compliant SKUs in just 60 days

In just 60 days Zentail took a Walmart seller who had just 1500 SKUs loaded to 15,000 compliant SKUs.

90% Catalog Completion Rate

On average, our customers have 90% of their entire product catalog loaded to the marketplaces they sell on.

Average Walmart LQS of 81

Customers selling on Walmart with Zentail average Listing Quality Scores of 81 - exceptionally high, which equals preferred positioning in search results.