Lock and Lube greases its operations to increase productivity and boost online sales

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PIM and Listing Automation

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Supply Chain Manager

It all started with one revolutionary product: a high-quality locking grease coupler. A first-of-its kind technology for machine operators, the LockNLube® Grease Coupler became the launching pad for Lock and Lube’s industrial ecommerce and wholesale businesses.

Since its founding in 2013, the company has engineered a wide range of tools that are available in 1,000 retail stores across the U.S. and Canada. Despite this on-ground success, ecommerce has always been vital to the New Hampshire-based company. (Their first direct-to-consumer sale actually came from a sugar cane farmer in Louisiana through eBay.)

“Ecommerce is how we went from one product to two hundred in the span of about three years—and why we were looking for a service like Zentail to help manage the proliferation of SKUs and information,” explained Lock and Lube President Jay Boren.

Challenges with ChannelAdvisor

Lock and Lube’s ecommerce journey began with eBay and their own dot-com.

top-rated locknlube grease coupler

Before long, they sought to list products on more online marketplaces and turned to ChannelAdvisor for help managing multichannel listings and tracking profitability—but it wasn’t the solution they had hoped for.

“ChannelAdvisor didn’t work for us,” Boren said, matter-of-factly. “It was expensive, and I didn’t feel like I had the support or the infrastructure to manage the tool.”

“It felt like a database that had a web interface slapped on top of it,” he added, recalling the cumbersome interface.

While searching for a new software partner in 2018, Boren and his team came across across Zentail. Zentail’s commerce operations management (COM) platform seemed to have an easier-to-use platform and the muscle to push his team forward, plus the overall ability to accelerate their success.

Enter Zentail

Finding the Right Fit with Zentail

Boren could see the difference with Zentail immediately.

“It was very obvious that Zentail offered newer software than ChannelAdvisor,” he said. “It struck a nice balance between good functionality and a good user interface.”

Today his team benefits from flexible, AI-powered listing tools. Zentail serves as their homebase for over 300 SKUs, letting his team create or edit multiple listings without logging into each platform individually.

EasyList, for example, enables the team to automatically list to competitive Amazon ASINs. While the average seller will encounter errors just for sending product details that don’t exactly match Amazon’s data, EasyList only sends the required data to Amazon—no extra work required.

When it comes to saving time, Zentail’s Supply Chain Manager also comes in handy. Boren’s team uses the Supply Chain Manager to automatically track inbound inventory. It pairs well with Zentail’s inventory management features, which integrates into every warehouse and the team’s ShipStation account to keep inventory levels up to date.

“Zentail has really helped us prevent overselling,” Boren said. “Having a central database of inventory that communicates with most of our channels is essential for us at this stage of our growth.”

Evidently, the move from spreadsheets to the cloud has proved invaluable for his team.

“I don’t think that we could manage all these SKUs on all these channels without Zentail,” said Boren. “It’s definitely the best option out there and we’re happy with it and we’re glad to be using it.”

Upwards and Forwards into the Future

Within the last year since joining Zentail, Lock and Lube has seen sales jump nearly 20%. The company is hardly the same business it was a year ago — and Boren looks forward to even more growth with Zentail by his side.

Even as new SKUs and suppliers complicate the supply chain, his team rests easy knowing that Zentail will be there to support them. According to Boren, “The software scales; the complexity doesn’t bother it.”

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