The New Era of Product Information Management

AI-powered PIM tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

The New Era of Product Information Management

AI-powered PIM tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

Automate category assignment

Take the industry’s best AI-driven listing solution for a drive. SMART Types understands the different marketplace taxonomies so that Zentail can accurately categorize your products on each channel—while you relax.
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example of zentail's auto-categorization tool called smart types

Speed up time-to-list

Load product data once in Zentail, then automatically publish your catalog to multiple channels in a few simple clicks.

Sync item specifics across channels

“Size” on one channel may be “ShoeSizeClass” on another. Save time by letting Zentail handle the mapping for you.

Land more eyes and sales

Reap the benefits of high-quality listings: improved search rankings, hyper-targeted content and higher conversion rates.
cloned sneakers illustrating the power of zentail's product cloning tools

Create lookalike SKUs for various needs

Say you’re selling sneakers made for outdoor runners and gym rats. With Zentail’s product cloning tool, you can quickly spin up multiple listings from one SKU. Avoid copying and pasting content by hand, and create unique listings for every audience.
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Stay organized

Reduce errors by managing all of your copied SKUs—regardless of where they’re listed—in Zentail.

Avoid tangled data (and inventory)

An edit to one SKU won’t affect another. With SKUs tied to the same inventory, Zentail also prevents overselling.

Expand your footprint

Attract various audiences to your product by customizing the images, titles and descriptions on each copied SKU.

Manage your catalog, without the headache

A growing catalog is a healthy sign—but keeping track of so many SKUs can drive anyone  mad. Zentail’s QuickEdit feature helps you master the challenges of a multichannel catalog. View, edit or export product data across any channel in minutes.
example of managing and editing a multichannel ecommerce catalog

Work faster than ever

Edit multiple SKUs at once, however you want. Update everything from UPC to price from one easy-to-use editor.

Monitor team-wide activity

Ensure quality control across a large team with an activity log of catalog actions. Easily revert any changes.

Easily find what you need

Segment your catalog by brand, category and more to make quick changes or to pull a specific report.
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I don’t think that we could manage all these SKUs on all these channels without Zentail. It’s definitely the best option out there and we’re happy with it and we’re glad to be using it.
Jay Boren, Lock and Lube