Ecommerce Order Management, Made Simple

Streamline order fulfillment across every channel and warehouse

The New Era of Product Information Management

AI-powered PIM tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

Keep the orders flowing

Let’s face it. It’s easy to lose track of orders when business is running 100 miles per minute seven days a week. Zentail wastes no time routing orders from any channel, speeding up your time-to-ship.
See How Zentail Routes Orders
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Master the basics

Zentail does the behind-the-scenes work for you like acknowledging orders, reserving inventory and updating listed quantities.

Gain real-time control

Set your own rules for how an order gets routed. Should it be by package weight? Service level? Ship-to location?

Minimize order defect rate

Process orders quickly and accurately with automation, plus get notified when there’s an error with an order.
perfume bottle with routes to multiple warehouses

Fulfill from any warehouse

Centrally manage your warehouses whether they belong to you, a 3PL or Amazon FBA. Reduce shipping costs by defining which fulfillment methods and warehouses should be automatically applied to each channel or SKU.
More on Setting Warehouse Priority

Prevent overselling

When an order comes in, Zentail will check that the appropriate warehouse has enough stock and reserve inventory.

Adopt a fallback plan

Don’t have enough stock in one place to fulfill an order? Zentail will split the order into multiple shipments, no problem.

Get orders out the door quickly

Manage bin locations, print shipping labels or integrate your WMS with Zentail to increase efficiency and avoid mispicks.

Future-proof your business

Maintaining happy customers requires meeting their high demands. Gain visibility over all of your online orders, along with tools for proactively delivering the best customer experience possible.
illustration representing order management with zentail

Deliver great service

Keep track of shipments, issue refunds and rest assured that your inventory is always up-to-date with Zentail.

Control shipping expectations

Manage Amazon shipping templates, eBay policies, pricing, lead times and other shipping rules from one place.

Monitor multichannel sales

Download a report of your top-performing SKUs, channels and warehouses to learn where to invest your dollars.
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McCombs processes thousands of orders a day across several ecommerce platforms, so my job would be chaotic—or near impossible, to be honest—had it not been for Zentail and the integrations and automation it provides.
Jose Lopez III, Mccombs supply