A Multichannel Listing Software You Can Trust

Designed with speed, accuracy and flexibility in mind.

The New Era of Product Information Management

AI-powered PIM tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

Give your customers the power of choice

Size, color, style, quantity…display all of your options in one place. Zentail makes it easy to create variation listings with one fixed price, saving your customers the trouble of searching multiple listings to find what they’re looking for.
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illustration representing product variations and kits

Reduce bounce-offs

Merge related SKUs into one listing with a few clicks. Offer a better customer experience, no additional work required.

Incentivize bulk purchases with kits

Offer kits or custom bundles to boost average order value and differentiate your brand.

Inspire sales with swatch images

Help your buyers visualize their options by adding and managing images for each listing variation.
illustration of zentail's tools for creating new Amazon asins

Tame Your Amazon Catalog

Amazon is notorious for its mind-boggling requirements. Whether you’re creating a new ASIN or adding to a competitive one, listing to Amazon is anything but simple. Zentail gives you a hand by automating this process and making sure you stay compliant.
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Zentail decodes Amazon

Our AI solution assigns the right Amazon categories and item specifics to your ASINs, preventing errors. 

Create ASINs from scratch 

Generate new ASINs directly in Zentail via bulk import or single-item creation. Add images, text and more. 

Remove listing roadblocks 

Locate competitive ASINs with UPC-to-ASIN matching, and use EasyList to send only required data for publishing. 

Work from a single command center

Avoid logging into multiple seller accounts just to update one product. By centralizing your listings in Zentail, you can overcome seller’s fatigue and apply global catalog changes from one place. Imagine that.
illustration of zentail's channel reporting tools

Customize SKUs by channel

Keep one clean record of each SKU in Zentail and tailor its title, price or description to each channel as needed.

Get ahead of channel errors

Zentail alerts you when a listing needs attention, translates errors into plain English and guides you through fixes.

Claim your shipping tags

Let Zentail apply Walmart 2-Day Shipping and Amazon SFP tags where applicable to give your  listings a boost.
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We love how easy it is to work with Zentail. We’re able to list to multiple channels in mere seconds now.
Lindsey Walker, Quiverr
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With Zentail, our revenue grew 50% overnight by having properly listed products on the various channels and an inventory system that made it easy to scale our operations.
Allen Doan, Cácee
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Product upload is simple. I can upload 400 SKUs in less than an hour with images, descriptions and categories all completed for me by Zentail's software.
Martin Mitchell, DNW outdoors