Worry-Free Inventory Management

Leave no unit unaccounted regardless of its location or the sales channel

The New Era of Product Information Management

AI-powered PIM tools that do the heavy lifting for you.

Never oversell in ecommerce again

Gain an inventory management system that moves as quickly as the internet does. Zentail adjusts inventory as sales come in, making sure that your sales channels, warehouses and apps are in constant communication with each other.
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Eliminate manual data entry

With each new order, your shopping carts and marketplaces will automatically update to display accurate quantities.

Control on-hand quantity

Set inventory thresholds to limit how much of an item can be bought on any channel and to avoid stock-outs.

Track kits and bundles

Zentail tracks single and bundled units of an item, so you don’t risk splitting your inventory and showing false quantities.
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Systematic, multi-warehouse inventory management

Combine powerful automation with flexible controls to stay ahead of inventory movement. Whether you go through your own warehouse, a 3PL or Amazon FBA, know exactly what you have in stock and where it’s located.
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Know what’s ready to sell

Easily track on-hand quantity, assembled quantity, reserved quality and other stock levels for every warehouse.

Route to the right warehouse

Zentail will instantly route orders based on stock levels and custom routing rules, splitting shipments when needed.

Automate Amazon FBA

Choose if FBA or FBM inventory gets pulled first for an Amazon order—or make both available at the same time.

Stay ahead of demand

Avoid stockouts with additional supply chain management tools. Strike the balance between restocking and overstocking with built-in forecasting tools and analytics.
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Inventory forecasting at its finest

Smart Reorder factors in historical sales data, lead times, holding costs and more to calculate reorder points.

Manage customer expectations

Keep inventory and customers up to date by setting shipping lead times on a per-channel or per-SKU basis.

Handle inbound shipments

Create FBA shipments and set restock dates to take orders with later delivery dates, even when an item is out of stock.
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Zentail has really helped us prevent overselling. Having a central database of inventory that communicates with most of our channels is essential for us at this stage of our growth.
Jay Boren, Lock and lube
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Last year, we were overselling once or twice a week. We didn’t experience that this year at all with Zentail.
martin mitchell, dnw outdoors